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you can't embarrass congress. >> there you go, thanks for inviting us into your home. that's the issue of the report, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. gunman with an ak 47 on a college campus. plus north korea appears set to get a third generation dictator. the north korean leader kim jung-il giving his son a big promotion. that could lead to the country's top job. >> he's going to try to be a mini me dictator. i don't think he's going to have the means to do it. >> steve: tonight a close-up look at the dictator family that controls a nuclear nation. targeting terror. we'll see how the c.i.a. is reportedly using drone strikes to try to prevent a terrorist attack.
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plus, a discovery some scientists say could help end migraines. >> it's there in the nerve cells that gauge whether or not pain is being transmitted. >> shepard: it's not just headache sufferers who might benefit. tonight replevy in our dna. a deadly day on the campus of a major american university. swat tanks rolling down the streets of the university of texas at austin this afternoon after a 19-year-old student ran into the library with an ak 47 and started firing. it sent the whole campus into an immediate lock down. now we know he was a sophomore majoring in math and this is his picture. he's colton tooly. or he was. this picture from his driver's license taken last year, the witnesses from today say he was wearing a dark suit and a ski mask when he just began to shoot near a fountain and towards a church. cops say they chased him into the library where he eventually
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shot and killed himself. somehow nobody else got hurt. one student says she walked right into tooly while she was on her way to class. >> when he looked at us, i was like wow, my life is in his hands. you never know. he could have easily shot us. i mean since there was two of us, it wasn't worth it to him. i'm scared. >> shepard: investigators say there were no obvious signs that this guy was trouble and that they're still investigating why it all happened. they also say the campus lockdown went very smoothly because local police held a training exercise on exactly how to do it two weeks ago. the incident stirring up memories of one of the deadly school shootings in american history which happened on the same campus. the year was 1966, the gunman climbed u.t.'s school clock tower and spent an hour and a half shooting at people below. when it was all over, ten were dead, dozens hurt before police shot and killed him. now new developments in a very
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disturbing case out of connecticut. the prosecution and defense today rested in that sickening home invasion and murder trial. today a prison guard testified that he overheard this man, steven hayes, confess to another inmate. hayes is potentially facing the death penalty for his role in this crime. investigators say that back in 2007, he and an accomplice took an entire family of four hostage. we're told the suspect then tortured each and every, raped the mother and youngest daughter and set the house on fire, killing everyone but the father. laura ingle now live. >> the corrections officer talked about that confession that he overheard with steven hayes and in that confession, he told jurors that steven hayes when he he was talking to his inmate said he wasn't sure at first if he could go through with murdering the mother, jennifer. but he decided to go through with it when he looked outside and he saw the police cruisers just outside the window. that is more unbearable facts
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that were revealed in this case today which means that help was just a few feet away when all three females were alive before the mother was strangled and before that house was set on fire. >> shepard: that's the defense. both sides have rested. what now? >> there is going to be a hearing tomorrow just with the attorneys and with the judge. they're going to talk about what happens next, about charging the jury going over the facts of the case, closing arguments will happen on friday. then the case is expected to go to the jury on monday and as you see there on screen right, the next suspect will be tried next year after hayes, after this trial is over. >> shepard: laura ingle live, thanks. a lot of sons go into the family business, but things are a little different when dad is a dictator. today in north korea, the dear leader, kim jung-il, made his youngest son a four star general. kim the younger, we'll call him, aside from that, we know nothing about him. nobody has photographed him in public since he was eight years old. today he's maybe 26 years old.
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maybe 27. seems ages a secret. he has no experience doing a single thing that we know of, but he's now the leader of a nuclear nation's 1.2 million man army as its people go hungry. analysts say today's promotion is confirmation that kim the younger is on track to become north korea's next dictator. people in the capitol danced in the streets to mark the occasion. forced to dance or just decided to dance? we don't know. but successor talk is underway. he's actually been dictatorrized? again, we don't know that. the u.s. state department confirms it's watching the situation very closely because frankly, when a nuclear nation and people like this are involved, the fate of the whole planet could hang on what happens next. the fox sports chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here looking to find out something about this guy. >> nothing is ever certain when it comes to the weird world of kim jung-il, but it looks increasingly likely his son will take over as leader when his father dies.
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he was given two more influential positions today, being named vice chairman of the central military commission, and a member of the party's central committee. what will north korea look like under kim the younger? not a whole lot less crazy than it seems under kim the elder, according to experts we spoke to. >> he's just as chubby and ruthless as his dad. he's the one who got the dictator gene. >> when he takes over, you don't really see much change, he's a mini me dictator? >> he's a mini me dictator. >> beyond that, there seems to be very little we know about the young man apparently in his late 20s when may soon have his finger on north korea's nuclear button. >> we know he went to private school in switzerland until he was 15. he went there under a pseudonym, poising as the driver of the north korean embassy. reportedly he idolizes michael jordan and john clawed van damme.
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he's into roller blading, skateboarding, basketball, snowboarding, skiing. he likes good food, obviously, from the pictures we have seen of him. but the one thing, the really important thing about him is that he is not ready to take over from his dad. got to remember that the founder of north korea sent more than 20 years to take over. kim jung-il has spent two years to get his son ready. >> this planning could mean a power struggle. the son may have the backing of his father, but the elder kim has also put his sister in a powerful position as well as her husband. those two may decide when kim jung-il dies, that they would rather have all the power rather than advising from the shadows. >> it's going to be a free for all. and because assassination is a
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time honored method of dispute resolution in the regime, we can probably think this is going to be bloody. >> however the succession plays out, it does present an opportunity for the u.s. to at least try to remake its relationship with north korea. but that, too, will be a highly complex process involving the competing factions in north korea and the inevitable meddling by the chinese government. while chaos might mean opportunity, adding chaos to crazy in a nuclear armed country is not good for anyone. neither is a chubby roller blader dictator. >> shepard: i don't know if skateboarding makes you more qualified to do something. jonathan hunt live with us on north korea and whatever in the world is about to happen there. former president jimmy carter is in a cleveland hospital as fox reports. he complained of an upset stomach this afternoon and they took him right there. the carter center reports the 85-year-old plans to stay the night as a precautionary measure. we're told he got sick today on a flight from atlanta on a trip
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to promote his new book. the family members say he's resting and, quote, nobody in the family is concerned. president obama talked to him today. his spokesman says he feels great. just about an hour ago, we learned of the major development that affects embryonic stem cell research. details on what a judge has just decided and how it could affect what scientists are working on right now. you could be the safest driver in all the country, but that might not be enough to save your life if you're on the road with someone who is distracted. >> it's not just about texting or making calls. >> i was going to drive away. >> i put my make-up on in the car every morning. >> you have a hamburger in this hand. you have a soda in this hand. you have the cell phone here. and then you're trying to shift. >> a new study blows open the truth about the real dangers on the road. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: fox urgent now, government funding for stem cell research can continue, at least for now. that's a ruling that happened just a short time ago in a federal appeals court. last month the judge put the research on hold, calling it illegal because it destroys embryos. the white house is appealing. today the court ruled the studies can continue while it considers that appeal. a new report suggests americans are doing more multi tasking. unfortunately, they're doing it while they're behind the wheel.
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so says the highway loss data institute, a nonprofit group which gets its money from auto insurers. it reports while traffic safety regulators cracked down on cell phone use in cars, they've done little really to raise awareness about other forms of distracted driving, like eating or reading. they're also reports of drivers causing crashes while playing with their kitty cats or painting their nails. but tonight the federal government is disputing the report. now more from los angeles. the numbers show how big a problem the distractions have become. >> they do. the experts say it only takes a few seconds, you're fiddling with the radio or drink coffee, you lose focus and cause a crash. look at the numbers from last year alone, more than 5,400 people killed as a result of distracted driving. but the number on the right is interesting. only 18% of those involving cell phones, even though the report says most of the awareness campaign has been on cutting
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down on cell phone use. there are now 29 states, along with the district of columbia, that ban texting while driving. but the report says even after those laws were passed, the collision rates in those states went up in one -- and one of the reasons they believe is because now more people are actually using their cell phones below the dash where the cops can't see them, but then neither can you. >> shepard: it makes it harder. transportation secretary says don't believe all of this, or at least he doesn't agree with this assessment. >> yeah. the department of transportation says this study failed to mention that you are four times more likely to get into a car crash if you're using a hand held device and for the first time in four years, they say distracted driving fatalities have actually stopped rising. the transportation secretary ray la hood says this report is completely misleading and he adds, and i'm quoting here, all the reputable research we have says that tough laws, good enforcement and increased public
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awareness will help put a stop to the deadly epidemic of distracted driving on our roads. by the way, the dot says that overall, traffic fatalities are at the lowest level ever. >> shepard: trace, live in los angeles. amtrak announcing its plans for a high speed rail that could get folks from washington, d.c. to boston in just three hours. that's about half as long as it takes now if things are going right. right now about 12 million people a year ride these lines on amtrak's northeast corridor. it's the only profitable one. we're told the trains would run at a top speed of 150 miles an hour, which is still well shy of the 259 miles an hour record set in china. amtrak's president says the $117 billion plan would take about 30 years to happen and that the company is still working out how in the world it's going to pay for it. so everything that i said for the last 25 seconds, just grain
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of salt. flood waters in wisconsin. a state official reports now the levee is holding up, but that water is still seeping through the thing, flooding the only access road into a neighborhood near portage. water still surrounds a number of homes, keeping hundreds of residents away from the area. we'll have new updates as they come in through this hour. it took six months, but tonight the grand ole opry will start rocking again. and all star line - up, including brad paisley and keith urban will perform since floods wrecked nashville in may. nearly four feet of water covered the grand ole opry stage at the height of the flooding. but a month's long restoration project fixed the damage. last month country singers brad paisley and little jimmy dickens helped return the famous circle of wood from the opry's original home. a landslide possibly killing dozens of people while they slept in their beds in a rural town in southern mexico. a state governor in the area
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says 1,000 people may have been buried alive. hundreds of homes are now beneath the earth. we're told the side of a hill just gave way and fell right on to a community about 130 miles south and east of mexico city. authorities confirm at least seven people are dead. that's all they can confirm so far. check out this scene not far from where that happened. amateur video taken on cell phones. you can see the widespread flooding in that area. storms have dumped rain on the region now for days. in recent weeks, we've reported on how the floods in pakistan threatened to destabilize that nuclear armed nation. and possibly embolden the militants who could take advantage of the situation. but tonight there is word that disaster may be hurting their cause. details on that and it's decision time for the president's chief of staff. rahm emanuel, what's the word? you running for mayor of chicago or what? we'll know when and so will you, coming up.
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>> shepard: u.s. missile strikes on suspected terrorists hitting an all-time high. the latest taking out four militants in pakistan today. that's according to pakinstani officials. we're told it's the 21st attack this month by an unmanned predator drone. the highest number on record. on studio b, one expert told me why the strikes may be on the rise. >> what we're seeing is much, much better level of information intelligence coming from the ground in the north area. they're targeting almost all hostile elements. >> shepard: experts say the floods that devastated pakistan last month may actually be helping the u.s. target those hostile elements. who is on this target list, do
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we know? >> u.s. officials sometimes refer to this area along the border of pakistan and afghanistan as pakistan's witch's brew because of the groups seeking shelter there. among the groups being targeted are al-qaeda core, osama bin laden, afghan and pakistan taliban. this is the same group that trained faisal shahzad, who planted that car bomb in times square, but it eventually failed. as for the impact of the floods, what u.s. officials told me is that it may be having an impact in terms of limiting the ability of operatives to move, but they really believe that one of the reasons these targeting efforts have been effective is that they're getting better human intelligence from the ground. >> shepard: katherine, we keep hearing about this plot that leaders appear to believe is in the works against western countries. do we have any details? >> well, u.s. official told me tonight that there really has been an uptick in the chatter or
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communications among operatives and this has been especially so with europe as a target. tonight our sister network, sky news, is reporting that a plot targeting london and other major cities with a mumbai style attack, this is a commando style attack, using guns, explosives, and cell phones for coordination has been disrupted. i spoke to u.s. officials tonight and they were not willing to comment on these reports. one raised questions as to whether a plot would really have that kind of level of detail available to intelligence officials. meantime, what we saw in paris was another example of how that country is really on a heightened state of alert. for the second time in two weeks, that area around the eiffel tower was cleared because of a bomb threat. in the case of france, it's not only operatives that could be coming from the tribal areas of pakistan, but also a second threat stream and this comes from al-qaeda affiliate based in north africa called al-qaeda and the islamic, or aqim. this is one of the affiliates that u.s. officials are
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questioning whether it's a regional player or whether it's intend to go launch global operations because earlier this month, there was intelligence that said a woman headed to france to launch a suicide attack. >> shepard: lot going on on security front. thanks as always. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: california may have to delay its first execution in five years because the expiration date on a drug. a judge sentenced albert greenwood brown to death for the rape and murder of 15-year-old girl. just yesterday, governor arnold schwarzenegger delayed the execution from yesterday to thursday at 9:00 p.m. to consider a clemency request, but hours after a federal appeals court ordered the judge to reconsider the sentence because of the way he evaluated new procedures. now we get word that california's supply of the drug used in its lethal injection expires at midnight thursday night. if the delay -- if the legal issues delay the execution much
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farther, the court may have to postpone it until next year when the manufacturer has a fresh supply of this killer drug. iran unveiling new weapons of war today. the country now showing off its new squadrons of flying boats. not kidding. we'll check out iran's claims about what these things can actually do, plus grab a beer or pass the bong? as californians vote on whether to legalize marijuana, the alcohol industry is up in arms. but are they worried about public safety or competition from the weed? you decide.
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>> shepard: a battle over marijuana is brewing in california and it pits the state's enormous weed industry against the powerful beer distributors. for some reason they don't get
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along. here is what's happening. come november, folks in the golden state will cast ballots on prop 19 to legalize and then tax and regulate marijuana. but the state beer lobby is spending big bucks to fight it, arguing this is a safety issue. of course, pot supporters disagree and they say they want big beer to sit down and smoke a peace pipe. now more from san francisco. what's the problem? >> sheppard, it is the battle over the buzz and now we've got the bud versus the brew with california beer sellers donating $10,000 to the beat this measure framing it as a public safety issue. the california beer and beverage distributors and alcohol trade group, says if the ballot measure passes, employers would be prevented from drug testing their workers from marijuana. in a statement saying, quote, this would allow california beer distributors drivers to operate hundreds of big rig trucks and trailers on california highways
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every day, exposing the motoring public to potential harm. those favoring legalization argue getting high is far less dangerous than getting drunk. government figures show that in 2008, nearly 12,000 people were killed in dui accidents. while smoking pot may impair driving, the federal government doesn't keep stats on how many accidents were caused by stoned drivers. pro pot advocates say that's because the number is so small and suggests california beer sellers are really worried about protecting their turf. >> there is a history of alcohol companies putting money against propositions such as ours and frankly, it could be that they're concerned for the competition. >> while the beer distributors deny that is the case, several breweries, including sierra, nevada, are furious they've been linked to those owe foesed and demanded their name be removed from the list of members. a new california field poll has this measure passing 49 to 42%,
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a dramatic reversal from an earlier field poll and an indication that more than ever before, california voters appear to be willing to just say yes. >> shepard: smoke them in you got them. claudia, thanks. >> cheers. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the "fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. another show down over taxes on capitol hill. democrats are backing a bill to punish companies that send jobs overseas and reward businesses that bring jobs to this country. the senate rejecting that bill today. but analysts say democrats may still try to claim a symbolic victory as they head home to campaign. shannon breen is on the top story, what's the thinking about how democrats get a win or loss out of this thing? >> the bill that came to the senate floor today was tainted by -- saying it's keeping jobs from going overseas. when it gets voted down by the
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republicans, democrats say they can go home and then talk about how republicans are out of touch and don't care about average americans. they care about big businesses. here is senator debbie stab now. >> we believe something different. we believe you fight for the middle class, for working families, small businesses, all of whom they have been voting against, including the small business jobs bill. >> well, republicans point the finger back at harry reid and say he continues to call those on these bills when he knows he doesn't have the numbers to get them passed. >> shepard: what about this report that republicans rolled out today that points the blame right back at the democrats? >> yeah. in this report they're saying it's actually the epa and other fingers from the administration that are overregulating businesses and that is actually forcing u.s. jobs to go overseas. it's interesting because this claim is now bringing together some very interesting allies. republicans and labor unions. here is what senator jim imhoff
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has to say. >> interestingly enough, it's a lot of the labor unions are coming over and saying, hey, wait a minute, republicans. you're right on this thing. they're chasing our jobs overseas. >> it's not often you see that combination together here on capitol hill. >> shepard: no, it really isn't. thank you very much. have a great day, shannon. the debate over whether to extend the bush tax cuts to everybody, sure to be a hot topic in the midterm elections. today more fuel for that fire as senators heard from the head of the nonpartisan congressional budget office on this issue. so what did that one say? peter barnes joins us. what did he say about extending these tax cuts? >> giving economic ammunition today to republicans and those democrats who want to extend the bush tax cuts. he said the permanently or temporarily extending all or part of them would boost the economy and employment in the next few years. but he also warned lawmakers
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that financing them through more deficit spending could hurt long-term economic growth. >> the problem is that if those tax cuts are not accompanied by other changes in the government budget and are simply funded through borrowing, that that borrowing crowds out other private investment. >> the cbo estimates that with a two-year extension of the bush tax cut, gdp would be a half a percent to two percentage points higher. >> shepard: but they do plan to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody for the first $250,000. right? >> that's correct. that is what the president and democrats on capitol hill are proposing. they say that the country cannot afford the $700 billion over ten years that it would cost to extend the bush tax cuts to those making over 250. we'll see that battle fought out in the lame duck session after the election. >> but just so we're clear, the people who make more than 250 would still get the tax cut on
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the first 250. right? >> that is correct. it's the increases in the marginal rates. they still benefit from the lower tax rate that everybody gets under 250, so yes, they would still get that lower tax rate. >> allall right. peter, thank you. the rich are getting richer, surprise, surprise. so says the latest snapshot from the u.s. census bureau. it shows the so-called income gap hit a brand-new record high last year with the top 20% of americans, the ones earning more than $100,000 a year, getting almost half of all the income, while those living below the poverty line make just 3% of all income. that means one dollar goes to the poor for every 14 1/2 dollars going to the rich. it's an increase from last year's ratio of about 13 1/2 to one. rahm emanuel may be days away from leaving the white house. sources are telling fox news friday is the day we could learn whether he's headed back to run for mayor of chicago. on studio b this afternoon, the
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executive editor of real clear politics talked about what that might mean for the president. >> it probably doesn't mean a lot in the short-term because congress is leaving town, there is only five weeks before the election. there really isn't any sort of policy or legislative heavy lift that the administration is going to try to accomplish before then. depending on what happens in november, then obama is going to have to make a decision. is he going to reach outside of his inner circle as part of a broader shakeup or not? >> shepard: it's not a political decision, but a personal one as well. wendell goler is at the white house. personal mean familying. >> all about family. rahm emanuel just moved his family here at the start of the school year, which meant taking his kids out of the schools they attended since he was a member of congress and if he decides to run for mayor of chicago, he'll have to move them back. he'll probably also have to find another house since his renters reportedly refusing to move right now. over the past week or so, he has met with several members of
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congress from chicago who are also considering runs for mayor, including jesse jackson, junior, mike quigley, danny davis, quigley was elected to the seat that rahm emanuel vacated. the message in all of the meetings was if we decide to run against one another, let's keep it on the up and up and let's not let it get ugly. >> shepard: if he goes, they have to replace him. what's the talk of who that might be? >> the betting is on one of the senior white house advisors, peter rouse, to take over as interim chief of staff. he and the president go back half a dozen years or so, then senator obama hired rouse to be his chief of staff in 2004 and rouse is part of the inner circle that planned mr. obama's presidential run. rouse also has strong ties with congress which is important for a white house chief of staff. he was tom daschle's chief of staff for 20 years, so if the president hires him as interim, he might not be in much of a hurry to find a permanent chief of staff. >> shepard: all right. wendell goler on the north lawn,
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thank you. facebook, changed the communication habits of half a billion people and it could soon change their portfolios as well. tonight is talk of a facebook stock offering a a buy or a hold in how big might it be and teachers can help students learn a different language, but so can interactive software. that's what some public school officials are saying as they search for ways to cut costs. that's next. while you're waiting, quick commercial break. you can head to the web site for the latest poll. ahead of the midterm elections, click on the politics button on
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>> shepard: you can like it, tag it, but you can't own facebook. at least not yet. one of the company's more prominent board members telling "fox business" network that the social network site is still a ways off from making shares of its company available in what's known as an initial public offering or ipo. >> facebook will not ipo for a while. i think we will follow the example of google which is that you do not go public until very, very late in the process. i think it's sort of by-product of these regulations that correct answer is for companies to stay private as long as possible. >> define a while. >> at least two years. >> shepard: all right. he says the decision to take facebook public depends on how the business develops in the coming months. as fox business correspondent
7:42 pm
shibani joshi points out, it could make a huge splash in the markets. >> if and when facebook does ipo, it will be the biggest technology ipo that we're going to see since google. so it's interesting he mentioned that, and it would be certainly a huge ipo, generating a lot of revenue for the investment banks that will take it public. it's something that people are dying to get their hands on. >> shepard: whole lot of people. if facebook were to go public right now, and if the current value of its private shares were to hold up, it would debut with a 71st highest stock value on the entire s & p 500. just between the bank, morgan stanley, and the conglomerate, honeywell. wow. losing jobs to computers, it's happened to a lot of folks in a lot of industries, and now it's happening to teachers. one state cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, putting school districts under budget pressure and generating
7:43 pm
some controversy. >> in new jersey, the latest job casualties, spanish teachers, being replaced by computers. as several public school districts look to squeeze under the state spending cap. in randolph, they're honing in on spanish classes for grades 3 through 5. >> i think the nature of education is going to change dramatically. >> will there still be a need for teachers? >> absolutely. >> in the wake of a $825 million school aid reduction, the town is saving nearly $100,000 by introducing an interactive computer program called reset at that stone to the children. the move is getting mixed reviews. >> the program marries pictures with words and when prompted students speak spanish into the microphone and the computer talks back. however, some critics argue the children are missing out on human interaction. they say it's essential in communicating in a foreign language. # (speaking spanish).
7:44 pm
>> i think we have enough problems with education to now throw it all to the students and leave it up to them to learn with the use of software. i think the long-term consequences of it could be devastating. >> if the choice is zero or rosetta stone, the choice must be that. >> so far the students we talked to agree. >> i think it's pretty cool, it's better than having a teacher. >> it's more funner 'cause we can speak into a microphone and click on things. >> all while a regular teacher surprises a new way of learning in the classroom. in new jersey, julie banderas, fox news. >> shepard: one of the four men accusing a georgia mega church pastor of luring them into sex is speaking out tonight for the first time. the men filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against bishop eddie long, accusing him of using bible verses and church money to
7:45 pm
sexually seduce them and sending pictures of himself in, well, this, to them. the pictures, i should say the bishop's lawyer claims all this is just false and on sunday, the bishop himself told the congregation, and i quote, i am not the man being portrayed on television. waga's atlanta's dale russell caught up with one of his accusers, flew all the way out to colorado to get an interview in atlanta tonight and is here tonight. >> good to see you. >> shepard: what happened? >> really amazing. what happened is when bishop long had that sermon on sunday, we knew we talked to a lot of people involved in this story that the young men involved in this were not going to be happy with what he came out and said during this sermon. we got on a plane and flew out to colorado where jamal paris lives and we had a chance to talk to him in a parking lot late at night in colorado spring, colorado, about exactly what he is alleged in his
7:46 pm
lawsuit and this is the first time any of these young men have talked publicly. he told us a lot about what ultimately he said is a love-hate relationship that he had with bishop eddie long, but he told us that he had a lot of scars and a lot of memories that he says have been very difficult for him to live with. >> i cannot keep the sound of his voice out of my head and i cannot forget the smell of his cologne and i cannot forget the way he made me cry many nights when i drove on the way home, not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off of my body. >> as you can imagine, bishop eddie long has said, has denied all of the allegations in this case, but jamal paris told us at one point he wanted to talk directly to the bishop and he did. >> that man cannot look me in my my and tell me we do not live this pain and how you can stand in front of the church and say you deny it, you can't say that to our face. you know this.
7:47 pm
you are not a man, you're a monster. >> we're waiting to hear from bishop long's people. but as i said, this is the first time we've heard from one of the young accusers. >> shepard: indeed it is. dale russell if fox 5 atlanta. you can see the rest of his story which aired in atlanta tonight at my fox president obama says it is inexcusable for democrats to sit on the side lines with election day just five weeks away. so tonight he's trying to rally his folks, some of the voters who helped put him in office. can he do that? we're live on the campaign trail and there is a live picture of the president out there getting it done right now. the whole group in red, i wonder what happened there. scientists say they may have found a kind of on-off switch for pain. seriously. think what that would change. how it works and who might be able to get the help. that's next.
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>> shepard: here is a big one from today, scientists say they've made the kind of discovery that comes along once in a generation. one that could hold the keys to not only eliminating migraine headaches, but also to treating other kinds of pain. researchers in england and canada say they've identified a bad gene that lowers pain tolerance and creates the migraine sensation. >> now that we know that there is this key player and we know where to target, well, that then is the place to start looking for drugs that will be active against that. >> shepard: in other words, find a drug that can click off that gene and in doing so, kill the pain. that scientist tells britain's newspaper that the gene discovery and i quote, could potentially lead to treatment for pain in general. no matter what kind of pain you have. you can read the full study in nature magazine.
7:52 pm
fox news, america's election headquarters, and the white house making a big push now to rally young voters. president obama attending a democratic national committee rally at the university of wisconsin and the vice president joe biden also going back to school. he spoke earlier today at a rally at pennsylvania state university. penn state. it's the first in a series of appearances meant to get students fired up about november elections to try to fight off republican attempts to gain control of congress. mike emmanuel traveling with the president and live in the home of buckie badger. what's the president saying? >> good evening. president obama really trying to pump up the crowd here, trying to get that youth vote that was so critical for him two years ago to go to the polls five weeks from today. here is the president making his case a few minutes ago. >> we can't let that happen. we cannot sit this one out. we can't let this country fall backward because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight.
7:53 pm
the stakes are too high for our country and for your future and i am going to get out there and fight as hard as i can and i know you are, too, to make sure we keep moving forward. >> the president promising his supporters that change will come if the supporters are prepared to work with him on it and to fight for it. >> shepard: look at the crowd next to him. the president gave an interview to rolling stone and he said people need to buck up. >> yeah. poking his face, saying it's inexcusable for any democrat or progressive to stay on the side line during these midterm elections and saying, quote, it's been hard and we've got a lot to show for it but people want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place. if you're serious, now is exactly the time that people have to step up. it's not clear if poking the face will get them to turn out to vote or make them angry. >> shepard: you got to give it an effort. mike a emmanuel in madison,
7:54 pm
wisconsin. new poll reveals how much the tea party movement has become a part of the american political scene. the "wall street journal," owned by the parent company of this network, conducted the survey along with nbc news and their poll finds 71% of republicans describe themselves as tea party supporters. 71%. people either had a favorable image of the movement or hoping most tea party candidates would win. for more on the tea party's impact, check out on the record with greta van susteren tonight. she'll be speaking with sarah palin about how the tea party movement might affect the vote. sarah palin with greta tonight, 10 eastern, 9:00 o'clock. iran doesn't have the best track record when it comes to showing off its military. but the country that was once busted altering photos of missile launch now claims to be protecting its country with flying boats. the islamic republic showed off this new aircraft. these are sea planes with hulls that can land and travel on
7:55 pm
water. similar planes have been sold as personal aircraft here in the united states, but iran claims it's now making them there with the ability to carry guns and transmit information. fox news can confirm none of that, but we can tell you in new york, we have duck boats. ufo's are visiting our military bases and distracting our nuclear weapons or deactivating them, as it may be. that's one of the many claims from a group of former air force officers, serious people, who are calling on the united states government to come clean on what it knows about interference from people who came from another planet. no kidding.
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
>> shepard: aliens have been visiting the united states for decades and they have a problem with the way we do things. that's the word from former members of the united states air force who gathered at the national press club in washington yesterday of all places to describe reported ufo sightings at military bases. >> this planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> they seem to have pulsating lights going around it. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> best way i can describe it, it looked like an eye with bright red, with a dark center. >> shepard: i think i've seen that in a late night bar. they say more than 120 former service members have spotted ufo's at nuclear weapons sites
7:59 pm
and in several incidents, the men claim the ufo's deactivated the missiles inside. updating fox's top stories, investigators at the university of texas now say a suspect who opened fire on campus with an ak 47 and then killed himself acted alone. and on this day back in 1941, baseball's great ted williams became the last major league baseball player to end a season with a bat ago average above 400. it came down to the final day of the regular season. they were playing the philadelphia athletics, a double header. true to form, williams got six hits in eight at bats. to finish the season with a 406 batting average. 19 years to the day later, he hit a homerun on the very last bat of his career. his produce at the plate made him a shoe in for the hall of fame, despite he missed five years to fight in the world war ii and korea. they don't make ball players like they used to,

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